The Rimini Mod Scene Part 4 – Andrea Mattioni

Andrea Mattioni, Rimini Mod 1983 - Rimini Mod Scene

The Rimini Mod Scene Part 4 – Andrea Mattioni …. Music Memories From 1980s Mod Events

In his previous article Andrea Mattioni gave us a lovely insight into his memories of his participation in the 80s Rimini Mod Scene. Andrea’s second series of chats, recollects his music memories of back then. Andrea has chosen a selection of ten tracks that fondly remind him of the 1980s. An impeccable compilation of tracks including Mod classics, 60s Soul as well as some unforgettable Latin Jazz. Many of these tracks continue to stand the test of time 30 + years on, in 2020. They continue to be played at Mod events still today. Therefore if you have stumbled upon this page by chance or have been part of the Mod Scene in the 1980s, by all means enjoy. Your ears are about to be in for a treat 🙂

4. From your memories Andrea, could you please list a few tracks that are reminiscent of your participation in the 1980s Rimini Mod Scene?

Andrea :

Once again the list could be very long, but to name just a few that I remember fondly from the 80’s

Marsha Gee – Peanut Duck

Mar 9, 2010

Stewart Ames – Angelina, Oh Angelina – J & W

Sep 19, 2016
John Manship

Cal Tjader – Mamblues – Fantasy

Jan 25, 2013
onthecooler Dimples

Maxine Brown – Let Me Give You My Loving – Wand

Feb 5, 2011

Ray Barretto – Soul Drummers – Fania 454

Sep 12, 2014

Mike Vickers – On The Brink – Columbia

Jan 20, 2010

James Brown – Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf – Smash

Jun 1, 2012
groove addict

Brian Auger, Julie Driscoll And The Trinity – Black Cat – Marmalade

Jan 18, 2014

Small Faces – Grow Your Own – Decca

Oct 8, 2011

Jimmy McGriff – The Worm – Fonsoul Bcn

Sep 14, 2015
Fonsoul Bcn

The list could be endless ….

In part 6 of this series of chats, Andrea will be chatting about his scooters, recollecting some of his memories of 1980s Mod events as well as his clothing style from the 80s Mod days. A special thanks to Andrea Mattioni for his time and participation in this series of articles discussing his life as an Italian Mod Male in the 1980s.


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