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Mick Taylor - 80s Mod & Soul DJ

Mick Taylor Discusses Soul DJing & Some Of His Favourite Soul Tracks

For anyone who loves Soul music, they will know it often begins with a brief introduction to a handful of tracks and what is to follow cascades into a lifelong love affair with this genre of music. I have yet to speak to anyone who is a vinyl collector, DJ or promoter for Soul music who does’nt exude this passion. Discernible and strongly loyal to this music, there are many commendable DJs in the Soul music world that contribute to bringing so many people joy. One of those DJs is Mick Taylor. I caught up with Mick recently to have a pleasant chat regarding his Soul DJing & favourite Soul / Northern Soul tracks. Here is Mick’s transcript.

1. Tell me a little about your history on the Mod scene throughout the past 4 decades.


I became a Mod in  1979/ 1980. I attended my first Mod Rally at Brighton 1986 and then went onto attend the CCI rallies up until 1990.  After this I then switched to the Untouchables rallies until the end of 1990s. And then became a hermit ?

2. When did you first discover Soul music and what drew you to this genre of music?


I first listened to run of the mill Motown and Stax music etc. I then got hold of a  compilation Lp featuring all the all nighter music on it. It was from then that I became hooked on Soul music.

3. What were some of your most memorable Soul music listens from the early days?


Four of my most memorable spins I liked were the following :

Maxine Brown – Let Me Give You My Loving – Wand

Feb 5, 2011

The Chandlers – Your Love Makes Me Lonely – Col Soul

29 Nov 2014
The Chandlers – Topic

The Prophets – Suspicion – Advance Records

21 Mar 2013


Chuck Jackson – Hand It Over – Wand

20 Feb 2009


4. Throughout the years, what were some of clubs you have attended & some of your most memorable ones?


The clubs and Soul nights are I have attended include Hinckley Leisure Centre,  Northern Soul all nighters in Keele and Peterborough  and the 100 Club. And of course not forgetting to mention the clubs we had in Brum. All were memorable and great nights.

5. Do you have any particular favourite Soul artists and if so who are they?


My favourite artists Eddie Holman who is amazing live. As well as and Edwin Starr and Spyder Turner, who is a friend of mine now. A particular favourite track of mine by Spyder’s being Move In Right Away (aka ‘Fill This House With Love’).

6. When did you begin Soul djing & where was your first djing slot?


I began djing late 80s. My first spot was for Mark Freeman in Nuneaton.  I  have never looked back since


7. What are some of your top favourite Soul tracks that span across the decades?

The following tracks are some of my favourite Soul tracks :


Del-Larks – Job Opening – Pt. 1(For An experienced Heart Mender) – Queen City

20 Nov 2011


Eddie Parker – I’m Gone /- Awake

1 Feb 2013

John Manship

The Magnetics – I Have A Girl – Ra-Sel

13 May 2013


Rita & The Tiaras – Gone With The Wind Is My Love -Dove

26 May 2014


Eddie Parker – I’m Gone /- Awake

1 Feb 2013

John Manship

Mel Britt – She’ll Come Running Back – Fip

22 Mar 2011


Timi Yuro- It’ll Never Be Over For Me – Liberty

25 Oct 2018

Timi Yuro – Topic

The Salvadors – Stick By Me, Baby – Wise World

4 Jul 2015

The Shelf


I hope some of you have enjoyed reading, as much as I have writing this. I would like to say a big thanks to Mick for chatting and producing this transcript regarding his memories and discussing his ongoing for love for Soul music. And of course for his top notch playlist.

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