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Internet Radio & Mixcloud - Rare Soul, Northern Soul, Vintage R&B &Mod Music Introduction

Internet Radio – Mixcloud – Soul, Vintage R&B & Mod Related Music

I could hardly publish a site on Mod and Soul music genres and not include a section dedicated to Mixcloud  and internet radio. From my formative years when my introduction to Mod, R&B & Soul music began, I continue to be drawn to discovering new songs all these years on. This is part of the attraction of listening to music for me. It continues to provide an ever evolving musical soundtrack to my life. One which has continued through the past four decades. This genre of music,  for me, has brought and continues to bring a great deal of pleasure to my life, as it does for many others too.


Not only does it enrich my life, regardless of my mood. It’s the friend that makes me happy, often making me want to dance.  In addition and as equally as important, it has enabled me to meet like minded friends. Some whose passion for these genres of music is beyond commendable.

The Old Mod Days

As a teenager, as I am sure many are able to relate to, we did’nt have the internet at hand. My new music discoveries came mainly via friends, the radio, newsletters and fanzines. And of course our regular visits to the record shops in my little hometown. However as I began to attend related Mod & Soul events in the 80s, I was to become drawn to the new eclectic sounds and tracks I was to hear. This was to embark me on a journey that continues to this day.

Mixcloud & Internet Radio – New Mod, Soul & R&B Music Discoveries

In later years with the advent of the internet and of course social media, as well as attending events again, the discovery of new music relating to Mod & Soul genres continues to ignite my music listening passion. For me, it’s like delving into a giant lucky bag. Even more so with the accessibility of music platforms like Mixcloud and YouTube.

There are some truly brilliant accounts and uploads on these platforms. Some from those who had a profound effect on my musical tastes and who I heard djing from attending events as a teenage Mod girl. Others whose uploads I were not aware of. Some whose music I have had the pleasure of hearing at events in more recent years. Some old tracks, many new. Therefore I am including posts on some of these uploads as well as internet radio, that I personally enjoy listening to.

They will vary, however will include my first music love which continues to be 60s Soul. In addition these uploads will include early R&B and early Mod music as well as Northern Soul. I hope you will find them just as enjoyable listening to them as I continue to do. Finally to those whose uploads I include, I would like to say a huge thank you for the music you continue to share. Here are some articles included on various Mixcloud accounts.

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