80s Mod Girl Memories – Some Of My Memorable Tracks That Remind Me Of Being An 80s Mod Girl – Part 1

1980's Mod Girl Music Memories - Kent-Records, 60's Soul & Tamla Motown

1980’s Mod Girl Memories – 10 Of Some Of My Memorable Tracks – Part 1

I am occasionally asked if I could choose a certain set of songs that remind me of my 1980’s Mod girl years, what they would be? Therefore I have decided to dedicate a couple of articles to to some of them. As there are so many songs to choose from,  it’s been a difficult question to answer.  As I am spoilt for choice, even more so choosing those songs which lean to my preferred genre and first love of 60’s Soul.  Therefore I have chosen ten tracks that remind me of some of my most memorable times whilst I was  an 80’s Mod Girl.  And behind each one of these songs lies a memory of people, places and events that trigger a feeling of fondness, familiarity and happiness from a lifetime ago …. ❤️️

Tracks 1-5 That Remind Me Of Being A 1980’s Mod Girl

1. The Elgins – Heaven Must Have Sent You – Tamla Motown

One of the first Tamla Motown singles I purchased in 1983 and I still own today. I remember fondly buying this from a second hand record stall in Barnsley Market. It used to stand in the outside market every Tuesday. The market sadly is no longer there as it was and would have been a vinyl addicts’ paradise today. .. Now typing this .. I remember precisely in that open market where I bought it, that Spring Tuesday afternoon, 37 years ago in 1983 at the age of fourteen ..

Strangely I also remember that familiar whiff of northern comfort food that we call pie and peas. The Tuesday market used to be heavily packed at that particular time and attracted many hungry shoppers.

This song was played throughout my 1980’s Mod girl days at various events I attended and still is played today. It is a classic feelgood, happy song and one that brings a beaming smile to my face every time I hear it .. The heart warming and formidable pop song in some respects, that underlies that meeting of innocent teenage first  love.
Jul 17, 2014
Marc Leroy

2. Ike & Tina Turner – I Can’t Believe What You Say – Kent Records

Initially released on Sue Records in 1964 in the UK and on the Kent Label in the US, this remains a firm favourite of mine. I discovered this track on the  For Dancers Only album issued by Kent Records. Which I purchased in 1983 from Casa Disco in my hometown of Barnsley.

To say this album had a large effect on me is somewhat of an understatement. As for many at my age and those participating in the Mod scene at that time. It was the catalyst that was to begin my life long love affair with 60’s Soul. In addition to that there was a turning point for me as an 1980s Mod girl.  My music listening was to predominantly change at the beginning of 1986.

A collision of many factors that came together, the introduction of more 60’s Soul by three old Mod friends of mine, Paul Hamby, Angus Oldfield and Nickie Sault. These three people introduced me to much of my early Soul listening. To the best of my knowledge especially for Paul and Angus, that love of Soul still continues for them. Then of course there were the CCI Mod Rallies and events and the local dos and my eager listening ears were unable to get enough of this truly fantastic music.

However listening to Kent Records were by far the over riding turning point for me personally that initiated my attraction to 60s Soul. The album For Dancers Only was the start of it. This song I adored throughout the 1980s for many reasons and 35 years on … I still do. After all it was part of my initiation ceremony into the wonderful world of 60s Soul.
Jul 5, 2010
Pete Griffin

3. Doris Troy – Just One Look – Atlantic

Songs are the photos that were never taken. This is another one of those tracks that triggered my love of 60’s Soul ❤️  As I like to say it is chocolate for the ears. I have many memories associated with this track back then. It always continues to make me smile because like Kent Soul, this track was another of my initiations into 60s Soul

Oct 18, 2020
The Vintage Soul Machine

4. Brenda Holloway –  When I’m Gone – Tamla Motown

My very first Tamla single I bought at the age of 14 was The Elgins – Heaven Must Have Sent You … The first Tamla album I bought was Tamla Motown Presents 20 Mod Classics Vol. 2 …. I’m sure this album is still owned by so many of us old 80’s Mods today.  Like For Dancers Only by Kent it’s one of of those albums that I cut my teeth on and would influence my preferred music choices spanning over 35 years

This particular song to me is timeless, it takes me back to many years to those early days. I heard it played for the first time out in many years when I attended La Vie Club in Leicester in November 2016 and Alan Handscombe was the guest DJ, who played in his set. I remember standing at the bar at the back of the room, chatting as per usual and the first 5 seconds left me silent. It was just one of those 2+ minutes I wanted to be quiet and let my mind wander back to those early days. I felt as if I had been transported back in time. One of those tracks that always does …. It left me smiling lots with an incredible amount of emotion that evening, as it does every time I hear it ❤️
Brenda Holloway – Topic
24 Jan 2019

5. Little Anthony & The Imperials – Better Use Your Head – United Artists Records

This is one of those tracks that does’nt define any particular specific memory. Let’s say however that it reminds me of a collective set of memories of mainly 1985 and 1986. Again it’s one of those tracks that I always identify with my introduction to 60s Soul, the Kent albums as it was issued on Right Back Where We Started in 1985  on the Kent label. Additionally it also reminds me of when I began attending the CCI Mod Rallies also. I  always visualise the dancing crowd at the January CCI all-nighter crowd, packing that dancefloor at The Lemon Tree Club in Scarborough January 1988 … Memories of a distant land, a distant, carefree time and nonetheless packed full of laughter and  the carefreeness of our youths …
Alan Fink
17 Feb 2007

In part two of this article,  I will conclude my top ten songs 6-10 that I associate with my 1980’s Mod girl memories.  This I will piblish in the upcoming months. However for now I hope that some of these tracks have evoked not only a sense of nostalgia, however a feeling of fondness and comfort, as they do for me,  still every time I hear them ❤️

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